WORLDS HIGHEST GIG Fundraising with adventure and music

One night after a gig when our founder Oz was touring his home land in Australia and afterwards had a catch up with his old mentor Ian Farrington, not only was an international festival born but also the concept to break the world record for the highest gig on Mt Everest which Oz broke twice and still holds the record.

We took a camera team with us and instead of filming people walking for 3 to 6 hours a day, Oz got his guitar out at every stop and entertained the locals who in turn entertained the team which created a cultural exchange never seen in the Himalaya’s before and when all the other trekkers changed their plans to follow, a concept was born.

We offer our trips to charities to fundraise for their cause and offer their supporters a once in a lifetime experience and a tick on a lot of people’s bucket list.

We take porters and Sherpa’s who play instruments bringing 2 largely divided casts together and we jam with locals on our routes.

These treks also allows us to make a little money for our projects in Nepal and help sustain them, which you can have the opportunity to visit first hand and see directly where our funds go if you wish after the trek.

Once you’re off the mountain you can either take your life experience home or you can stay with us for the Kathmandu Come Together Festival (link), which we organise. During this time we do ethical activities during the day like cooking breakfast or lunch for street children, visiting shelters and even help rebuilding the city after the devastation of the earthquakes and by night we night we let our hair down with the international and local bands around Kathmandu.

We can organise other adventure programs as well for the more adventurous like white water rafting, bungy jumping, motor bike riding and if you just want ot relax after your trek we can organise a trip to Chitwan- Nepal’s safari park.

The best part about it all is that we do it all with a smile and music- the true international language.