The Kathmandu Come Together Festival

Dates- 17th NOV TO 25th Nov

The people of Nepal have faced more than their share of disasters in the last few years. The immediate consequences of a number of earthquakes are well known, but less well known is the failure of relief efforts to effectively address the devastation. The majority of the country’s population still live in appalling conditions with even basic needs out of reach.

The purpose of The Kathmandu Come Together Festival is to bring together international musicians and Nepal’s biggest bands; together they will share the joy of music with locals and remind them that they are not being forgotten by the rest of the world.

Funding an event like this is challenging, and for this reason it will take a large commitment from those in the music and entertainment world to make it happen. We are asking you to contribute however you can…

  • Raising funds to send musicians to the festival
  • Offering your own services to the festival free of charge
  • Spreading news about this event to those who can help
  • Attracting sponsors to join the event.

The small band of volunteers driving this event, will like you, fund their own travel and living expenses to make The Kathmandu Come Together Festival successful. We know how hard it is for musicians to earn a living but with the support of family, friends and your local community the possibilities are endless. We can help you with some fundraising ideas that we have found successful and great fun. The cost of living in Nepal is low, and we will assist attendees to secure at-cost accommodation and ground transport.

We are also offering attendees the opportunity to extend their stay with a pre-festival journey the villages where Sherpas and porters and their families live and to Everest Base Camp for a music gig.

It is our intention that the The Kathmandu Come Together Festival will become an annual event with musicians and music lovers coming together to improve the lives of those in need from around the world. Please consider making a commitment to be part of The Kathmandu Come Together Festival 22nd November 2018 to 30th November 2018. You can find out more at and follow the prompts to register your interest.

Kathmandu Come Together Festival

The Active Community has located and booked numerous venues around Kathmandu that can accommodate our varying local and international artist that will be playing the Kathmandu Come together festival. We have a mix of musical forums in the guise of bars or outdoor venues tucked away in cool off the track areas to popular tourist hangs, check those out below:

The Festival Venues

17th nov Sisha bar
18th nov Friends Ktm cafe
18th nov Durbar
20th nov Blue Note
21th nov Ozzie lounge
22nd nov Firefly
23rd nov House of music
23rd nov Base Camp
24th nov Reggae
24th nov Jatra
25th jazz upstairs


Cash Cows – UK
Kazukijj – Nepal
Chawrko – Nepal
Chris Baluyut – USA/Japan
Bobin Bajracharya – Nepal
TMR Trio – Nepal
Yari Power – Italy
The Mellow Malady – Nepal
ASM – Nepal
Billy Page – UK
Millions Addict – Nepal
Oz Bayldon – Australia
Manual Transmission – Nepal
Del Sloane – UK
The Himalayan Connection – Nepal
Plebeian – Nepal

If you have any questions at all, or you have ideas that could help make this event successful, please get in touch.

Warm regards,

3 Lakeway Drive,
Cooroibah, 4565,
Queensland, Australia

Market/2nd Hand Market with live music, pizza feast

Kathmandu Come Together Festival


The Cash Cows

The Cash Cows came together in 2003 when guitar player Robbie Humphries and Double Bass player Brendan Rowley took to the streets of Northern England to play some songs and spread some joy. Since then they have played thousands of shows all over the world from New Zealand to South Africa, the Grand Prix in Bahrain to some of the most beautiful spots in Europe and pretty much every land mark building in London. They have played for English Princes and Arab Sheiks, Grandchilden and Grandparents. They play songs from Bob Dylan to Beyonce in a way you have never heard it before. The aim is to find fresh energy and direction in classic songs. Kylie Minogue is played in a smooth smoky jazz style and their version of Hotel California has been rumoured to be maybe even better than the original. Over time the dynamic duo realised that they wanted to expand their sound and so The Cash Cows Extreme was born!! A 7 piece party orchestra with a horn section, drums and violin their sound is enormous, they are ready to rock and good times are guaranteed!!

TMR Trio

Kathmandu Come Together Festival TMR Trio is a blues based band formed by the members of The Midnight riders, hence the name TMR in short. The band performs blues classics of yesteryear around the pub circuit of Kathmandu as well as other cities of Nepal. TMR Trio is also working on their own stuff to come up with a blues album by 2019.

Chris Baluyut

Chris Baluyut is a singer-songwriter from New York City. Since picking up guitar at age 14, Chris had originally played electric guitar, centered around alternative rock and post-punk genres. But since moving to Tokyo in 2016, Chris has switched entirely to acoustic guitar. Citing influences such as Damien Rice, Bon Iver, and The National, Chris now plays a blend of ambient folk and folk-rock styles, utilizing a variety of guitar harmonic methods and vocal harmonizer effects in his acoustic songs.” Music:

Billy Page

Billy Page Kathmandu Come Together Festival Billy Page began his musical career with a singing role in a musical production for the BBC, followed by major parts in musical theatre. He has gained extensive experience touring in Europe and making numerous television & radio appearances. In OCT 2005 he was one of the 14 musicians that broke the Guinness world record for the WORLDS HIGHEST GIG raising £30,000 for the Nepal Balbalika trust charity More recently, he has spent several months touring in Asia. With several CD albums and radio airplay to his credit, he has evolved into a writer and performer of perspective and thoughtful songs. Having had rave reviews in magazines like Hi Fi choice Billy promises to be a force to be reckoned with in the future. “BILLY PAGE came and played a set at Acoutix @ The Bedford and was mesmeric, absolutely spellbinding, supremely talented, a must for any who likes acoustic based music” James Carrington Music:

Kazuki JJ Band

Kazuki JJ is a Nepali rock band from Kathmandu, Nepal, formed in 2012 .The band’s line-up consists of JJ (vocals and guitar), Suzen Raj Bajracharya (Bass) Samrat Manandhar (drum). The lead singer JJ (J.Joshi) started his musical career at the age of 16 and is performing since 1995 in Nepal. One of his top concerts was on 2000AD millennium at which he shared the stage with Mukti and Revival, Namaste band and other various artists. In the year 2002 he moved to London where he has recorded, performed and toured with dozens of other artists over the years, including International and national artist such as Mukti and Revival, Robin and the new revolution and Cobweb. In the underground scene he performed with band members of Jugaa, Inside 2 stoopid triangles, Cruentus and the London Base Fusion band Layasutra. JJ also performed around UK in collaboration with GIGextra and music4children, in order to raise funds and awareness for the children of Nepal. In holding these events JJ intend to create an opportunity to promote Nepalese music and culture in the UK and also to raise awareness about the displaced children of Nepal as a consequence of long civil war.Eventually JJ’s popularity increased gradually beyond London and performed in different countries throughout Europe and in Japan. Rooted in ska, rock and funk, JJ later experimented with several musical styles, ranging from reggae, and chill romantic tunes and sometimes with a blend of ethnic drums and percussions to introduce the Nepali instruments to the international music scene. Currently JJ is teaming up with his old friends back home in Kathmandu, Nepal. They follow the meaning of the band’s name: ‘Just do it JJ!’ ( in Newari Language). The band composed and recorded 13 tracks then released their EP on 1st of July 2017, prior to a full length album. The songs already have become a favorite amongst many. Since the songs have become popular the band has come with some merchandise (T-shirts) which are being sold around Nepal ,Europe and UK. After 13 years performing in UK, Europe and Japan the band is ready to rock the stage in Nepal and launch their Album! More details Music:
Nasakine Kaam by Ka! zuki JJ


ASM is a groove rock band based out of Kathmandu, Nepal. The quartet consists of Abhishek S. Mishra on vocals & guitar, Saiyed Shakya ( of Electric Air & Audio Squad) on lead guitars, Simon Upreti (Grasstunes & The Mellow Malady) on bass guitars/ vocals & Nikesh Manandhar (Electric Air & The Soft Tones) on drums & percussion. ASM has released2 songs in the fall of 2018 ‘Slow Rider’ & ‘ It’s Alright ‘ with a 3rd single slated to release by November 2018. The 4 man group is also currently scheduled for an East Nepal tour.

The Mellow Malady

We are a Nepali rock band formed in 2018. The band consists of Anil Rai (guitar, vocals), Nischal Manandhar ( drums) and Simon Upreti ( bass, vocals). We are all about the hardships a person has to go to survive as a human being. Society, all the rules and the mind.

Millions Addict

We are the nepali folk rock band Millions addict. We started our journey from 2009 at our schooling period till now our bounding,devotion and hardwork had make us alive our music. We have recently won two band competetion in a row. 1st one is kathmandu blues and root national band competetion and 2nd interband competetion. We are doing our orginal stuff which is a bit heavy, crunchy and a nepali taste. We would be honoured to be part of this event.

Oz Bayldon

Once a touring musician, Oz Bayldon’s travels led him to Nepal where he encountered the poverty faced by the country’s homeless children for the first time. Determined to make a difference, Oz set about raising funds to make his vision of a community-run and ethical orphanage a reality. He did so in his own crazy, adrenalin-junkie way, using his musical links to create unique and extreme fundraising events and supporting gigs around the world. Rocker, doting father and a man who will never give up on his dream – Oz embodies the passion, dedication and musical roots of The Active Community.

Bobin Bajracharya

Meet Bobin, a musician formally based in Japan who diligently rocks show after show including numerous music festivals. He participated in almost every SONG OF THE EARTH event held for the restoration of the Chūetsu Earthquake (occurred in 2004), organized by Candle JUNE and his team. He returned home to Nepal in the spring of 2010. Since then, 5 years have passed [at the time of this interview]. He has come back for an epic performance at FUJIROCK. We sat down with Bobin, the weaver of songs of peace, to gain insight into the great earthquake that hit Nepal in April of 2015 and the future of his homeland.


We are a band of 4 that play mostly rock and punk based music. On Vocals and guitar we have Rajat Singh, On Bass, Sunil Shrestha, On Drums, Naresh Shrestha, On guitar, Jachwin Lama