We have helped fund the building of an orphanage in Nepal- Our Home, which we support, as well as a number of other charities in Nepal that work with Street children and those less fortunate who don’t have large donors.

The Streatham Stables Community centre, London.

We built a live music venue with no budget in Streatham, London and built a free creative school around it. Everything has been donated and recycled and we deliver a free creative education school at the back of the venue which includes a radio station, DJ school, Street dance studio amongst many other classes which we continually support

Amazon Come Together – Rumble Inca Jungle: Peru

We have teamed up with one of Peru’s leading eco-activists and trek organizers, Davarian Hall who is currently an owner of the Amazon Refuge Wildlife Conservation Centre, a research centre off of the upper Amazon River in Peru with a mission to “Preserve & Protect” the Amazon rainforest. Conservation initiatives are in partnership with the San Juan de Yanayacu Indians, an indigenous community with ownership of 450,000 hectares of virgin rainforest. Medical aid and education programs for the San Juan de Yanayacu Indians is provided by the Amazon Refuge through an alliance with ProjectAmazonas.org, a non-political, non-sectarian NGO working since 1994 to serve the people of the Amazon and conserve the rainforest.

Amazon Come Together