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The Active Community is an organization that raises funds for charities, schools and clubs whilst also raising money for local projects in the town or countries where we put on our events. Our clients don’t just get an adventure of a lifetime, they also get to directly give something back and have an experience of the heart as well as the soul. Throw in some music, which is the international language for some cultural exchange with the locals and you have an experience that will not only change your life but those you will meet.

We organize fundraising events locally as well as internationally and have organized local events such as dinners/gala’s to 20 000+ festivals to international events like the world record for the highest concert in the Everest region and the longest performance of 44 hours non stop in Soho, London.

Our Vision
Our vision is to create a global community of like minded people who are active in making the world a better place by putting on once in a lifetime adventures and unforgettable events in order to support projects and communities around the world in creating a better future. We aim to provide an easy platform for groups or individuals to raise funds either for a specific charity or in order to help us support the projects close to our hearts whilst having the experience of a lifetime and often getting to experience firsthand where their money is going.

A once in a lifetime adventure

Climbing Mera Peak and playing the World's Highest Gig 2 was a once in a life time experience. A unique journey through the most amazing country with the best team. Putting efforts together from the preparation to the top of the mountain for the most beautiful cause.
~ JB Pilon
Treks & Festivals

World’s Highest Gig

Having broken the world record for the world’s highest gig twice before we are setting out to do it for a 3rd time, taking the record to a dizzying height of 7246 meters high.

Rumble Inca Jungle

Join us on an adventure like no other where we will be trekking, jamming, rafting and exploring our way through the Amazon rainforest of Peru. Imagine a fusion of traditional musicians from developing countries around the world meeting in the Amazon...

Worlds Craziest Gig

music with altitude where he plans to play a gig on top of an air balloon and then jump off and play in free fall and when the chute has opened. This is taking extreme music to a new level even for Oz’s standards to raise money to help rebuild remote Nepal.

Kathmandu Music Festival

During the Kathmandu Music festival we shall be bringing together the best local artists that Nepal has to offer to play in schools, communities and historic areas, many of which are still affected by the earthquake...
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